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Preliminary hearing in recess Until 11-30-16.

Traffic Monsoon vs SEC

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The UK Team spends a few days in Utah with Charles

The United Kingdom team decided they would come to Utah and spend some time with Charles and a few other TM members that support Charles and there to stand up against the SEC.

Above is a picture taken before the November 3, 2016 court date.

Thanks to Dilip Patel for putting this video together of their trip to TM. This business has many leaders around the world behind Charles which is another reason for TM's success.

I talked briefly to those that attended the court date and event and they were able to provide me feedback from the trip they had and opinions on the recent events, read for yourself.

TrafficMonsoon Leaders & Charles Scoville

Saheed Chaudhry, Dilip Patel, Charles Scoville, Anita Langley, Pinakee Naik, Sharon James, & Trevor Jones.

From Anita Langley:

We arrived in Salt Lake City on Saturday 28th October after 13 hours of traveling with a 4 hour stop in Amsterdam.

After arriving at our house we then went and meet Charles and took him out for a meal which was lovely to spend time with him.

Sunday we went out with Charles again and he said that the attorneys where pumped and wanted to meet us on Monday which we was over the moon about. Charles then came over to our house for dinner.

Monday - As soon as we met the attorneys they had instant rapport with us and made us all feel at ease. After talking to us all our very own Saheed Chaudhry was asked to be a witness in court - not an easy thing to do when you have the whole of TM relying on you.

Spending time with Charles and getting to know him better and too be with him when he is going through such a tough time was incredible - an experience I will never forget - many people said to us why are you going - you won't be called as a witness but we decided whether or not we are going on stand we needed to be there for Charles to give him support and upliftment and to see him smiling and laughing was very important as this changed his whole energy - he has given us all so much and been so humble and honest with every single person he has ever meet and to think he is going through this and it all started as a result of Paypal as we know. He has handled this whole situation with absolute grace and dignity and I am sure many would have handled this completely different - to have such nasty things written about you online is just soooo wrong.

Sharon James, Saheed Chaudhury, Dilip Patel, Pinakee Naik, Trevor Jones and myself witnessed Tuesday court case from the back of the courtroom.

The SEC was on stand for 3.5 hours interviewing Peggy Hunt (receiver) - The SEC really drew it out as long as they could.

We then had two Incredible witnesses take the stand L Mako Hara from Phoenix, Arizona & Saheed Chaudhury from Manchester who did an incredible job - which took approximately 1.5 hrs between them - it was amazing to see what they were trying to do and put words into their mouths and use language to try and trip them up.

When Saheed went on the stand as he was a last minute witness - Peggy Hunt immediately went into his account and then, got up from her chair and showed his account to Alison & Dan (on the sec side) Judge Jill saw this happening and wasn't not impressed to say the least.

Obviously many questions were thrown at Peggy I would say approx. 30 and she only knew the answers to approx. 15 of them. Peggy Hunt is the receiver and should of done her homework on our Traffic Monsoon business she has been the receiver for 3 months and her performance was not in partial to both sides.

We now await the transcript from Tuesday and Thursday which will be done on Friday 11th November - then both sides have until the 28th November 5pm USA time to get the reports into Judge Jill.

Then on 30th November both sides will be back in court to argue it out and then Judge Jill will make her decision after this date.

Justice is coming....
From Pinakee Naik

Why did we go to Utah?
The main reason was to show support for Charles and Traffic Monsoon.
I was glad to see Charles after a long time.
I realized the gravity of the situation for Charles & TM also.
I could see how this whole scenario of being bullied by the SEC had affected Charles
well being and state of mind.
we all need someone to vent our frustration and anger , this is why I realized when Charles
posts in the Fb groups he is still trying to get an answer to the question , Why?
He is also making sure that more and more people get that this is a true and real Business.
Watching our Lawyers in action was amazing , they could see that TM was a Legal Business
and also that Charles was an honest man.
Our case based on the Law is Very Strong , I just hope the Judge makes a decision based on Law.
I for one walked away thinking very highly of Charles and do not see him as a Business owner but as
a person who i could completely trust.
No court in any country or any person will ever change my mind to the fact that Charles is Honest.
Pinakee Naik
From Dilip Patel

Well here goes : Our journey 6 individuals got together and embark on a journey to help a man who helped millions around the world Mr. Charles Scoville CEO of TrafficMonsoon, my self Dilip Patel from Leicester UK was so excited counting each day down, then that day came flying from Birmingham Airport on to Amsterdam then onto Salt Lake City after we got to Utah we all got to the house where we stayed in cotton heights Utah what a house with beautiful views of nothing but mountains everywhere, but saying that all we wanted to do was meet Charles so we called him up he told us where to meet him. When we got to that location after seeing him it made him and us so strong it gave him that smile back we raised his spirit we where all so happy