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Traffic Monsoon vs SEC
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Testimonials of TrafficMonsoon Members

Testimonials from real members, not rumors!
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1. Hernane Glória

Traffic Monsoon is not and never was an investment and all members were informed of the situation before making the registration, this platform only gave opportunity for all who want to work in the online system and develop your business and your work get some return as a regular job. In addition to being an online platform it was also a contact network where members were seen as a family and that the work is generated much sympathy among all employees and developing a spirit of assistance and exchange of experience. The suspension of this system was a hasty decision by persons who did not accept the success and the sudden growth of this powerful system. The Traffic Monson we are with you until the last consequences.
2. Darren Protheroe

I joined up to traffic Monsoon having heard so many good things about it so I went and Did my due diligence and then found the owner to just be a good father like me but a great business leader who has created such a brilliant marketing platform which brought me a lot of means for my web design company and since it's closure now I have lost a lot of business and revenues have dropped and I strongly believe that you've stolen my livelihood. This is not a scam as I got what I paid for which was amazing results from the leads thanks to TM. The owner of TM is innocent and the only people that should be brought in front of the judge is PayPal for stealing our money and then pointing the finger when it got too much for them or after their profitised and made lots of interest off innocent business owners. Traffic Monsoon is the best advertising platform and I can't wait to see it's return. My results from the Traffic bought off TM speaks volumes. Free Traffic Monsoon and please give us our business back! Thanks for your time #TM2WIN #TM4EVER
3. Thomas Grant

I am a proud Traffic Monsoon affiliate, it is one of the best online business I have had the pleasure of being involved with. With Traffic Monsoon, I was able to earn a living, advertise my opportunities. meet like minded people from around the world. And when Traffic Monsoon returns to full operational status, will love to continue using the excellent traffic to continue to promote my online opportunities.
More Coming!
4. Mounir Aman

I started traffic monsoon on 29th August 2015. Prior to joining TM I was in network marketing promoting home essential services and health products and mobile services. It was not easy to get referrals offline but through Traffic Monsoon I was able to attract like minded people and customers for my products. Through the affiliate program of TM I was able to build an income that helped me to retire my mother and I also helped my team to do the same but with the PayPal freeze and SEC closing the website, it has affected my income from my network marketing business and also affected my future plans. I am not an investor in TM I am just a customer who advertised on this platform.
5. Liudmila Pleteneva

Is why I love TrafficMonsoon!
I buy advertising packages for advertising TM referral links from the online stores. So I have a commission from purchases of my referrals. I advertise referral links on payment systems. Referral links cash payment systems on the Internet - hotels booking sites, airline tickets, travel and much more. I have a commission. The best way to attract referrals - TM Advertising platform. I look at ads on TM and choose for themselves the best deals.
6. Vesna Devcic

From the very beginning of the TM, I was very pleased I had made a nice amount, I bought packs, but I of daily clicks and referrals, managed to earn a nice amount of dollars, TM I paid the minute when I asked them to get money transferred to my payment processor.
7. Lance Wakeling

I revamped my website back in late December 2015, since then i decided to promote it through Traffic Monsoon, the response was incredible, more hits, more likes to my Facebook page, since the SEC scenario my website has virtually disappeared.....
8. Yeshwant Ishwara Puthran

I am a proud Traffic Monsoon affiliate, it is one of the best online business I have had the pleasure of being involved with. With Traffic Monsoon, I was able to earn a living, advertise my opportunities. meet like minded people from around the world. And when Traffic Monsoon returns to full operational status, will love to continue using the excellent traffic to continue to promote my online opportunities.
9. Rana Bilal

It's online advertising company i am really getting traffic from this platform for my personal business . its best online traffic exchange business and its really works!!!
10. Sharon Remeikis

I joined Traffic Monsoon in Sept. 2015 as I was just starting to try traffic resources for my affiliate links. As a small business owner I didn't have a lot of cash flow. TM allowed me to advertise my business using their advertising platform. Since PayPal and the SEC has halted my business I have not been able to afford to continue my level of advertising since all my funds are in traffic monsoon back office account.
11. Christopher Germond

Traffic Monsoon Changed My life!! Before The SEC had stopped our business I was making more then Enough money to feed myself and Family! We Were moving into our NEW House And Then BOOM.
The SEC takes my business away and as a domino effect, I stopped RECIEVING the services I paid for on TM and was getting leads or sales to my other offers.... Everything just stopped!
12. Martina Ljubicic

You can't say Traffic Monsoon is an ordinary advertising platform. It is so much more than just an online business. All those testimonials from people around the world, you tube videos, review sites, blogs, the live meetings they had, the friendships and business partnerships that Traffic Monsoon has created are just incredible.

It is the only business that has truly changed my life, it thought me so many things, it brought so many nice people into my life, it helped me take my online business to a higher level, I grew along with Traffic Monsoon and it helped me to finally get a decent income by developing new business relationships.

Traffic Monsoon was giving me daily visitors to my blog and my capture pages, I have built my entire email list through their advertising services. I am now getting on average 50-60 people sign up to any other business I promote, where most of them come from that email list. I communicate with those people daily and consider them my business partners and friends.

It is an excellent advertising platform where we also have an earning opportunity as a bonus.
I never considered Traffic Monsoon to be an investment of any kind, as the earnings were never guaranteed and were totally dependent on sales of the services.

We as members helped Traffic Monsoon to deliver their service (we watched advertisements) and we got paid for our work as long as customer were buying advertising.

Traffic Monsoon is in so many ways the best thing that has happened to me since I started working online. I have met great people, developed great relationships and my online business has improved a lot thanks to Traffic Monsoon.
13. Robert Kratzat

TM was my Main Traffic Source for my other Online Businesses. The price performance was great also i earned Money what I am missing now.
14. Tayhan ali

Traffic monsoon has exploded some of my other businesses when tm was running, I was generating loads of leads opting in to my other landing for numerous landing pages I had all over tm, i was struggling to get any king of traffic for my websites on other platforms but when I was told about traffic monsoon I signed up pretty fast knowing the protential it had, I had for a couple years been trying to master Facebook ads and YouTube video ads to get traffic to my other websites but faled, but traffic monsoon gave so much exposure to my sites it was amazing,
On joining tm I was fully informed that traffic monsoon was not an investment at all, it also says that on the website and in its terms and conditions , I knew there was a revshare attached to this platform but I was mainly using it for the traffic but was also enjoying the rev share income it was producing,
I love tm as this was the business and platform that really exploded my online experience and can't wait for it to come back so this can continue,
Please bring our business back.
Long live tm!
15. Scott Hooker

I started with Traffic Monsoon on May 19th, 2015 and my member id is Scotth, so I could advertise and promote a couple of online businesses that I was doing. I purchased 4 advertising packs so that I could do so. In the year and half I was advertising with Traffic Monsoon, I had a huge boost in my online busineesses because I was receiving so much more traffic to my sites from the advertising that I purchased on the Traffic Monsoon website. Since Paypal froze the funds and then the SEC basically closed down Traffic Monsoon, my online business traffic has just about completely stopped and once this stopped so did the money I was making from my online businesses. I DIDN'T join Traffic Monsoon as an Investor but for the advertising packages and online traffic that I received from the advertising that I purchased. Please dismiss this case ASAP and let us get back to promoting our businesses. Thank you.
16. Paul Oliver

As per many of my posts - I used the advertising services provided by TM to help me build my online presence and IT WORKED - my IT company increased its revenue as a result of TM's services!! It worked so well in fact that I suggested the use of the advertising platform to other local business owners; one (and a good friend of mine) started to use the services too and geo-targeted to the UK and county area (Kent) - he reported and openly advertised the fact that the services provided by TM helped his business to reach 1000's more prospects and he saw an increase in revenue over a 3 month period - in fact, he doubled his turnover as a result - his company is a local IT recruitment company, based in Sittingbourne, Kent (UK). Combined, we had spent 1000's in the past on marketing and advertising and the returns were no where close to what the TM advertising achieved for us. We didn't know this type of advertising was even available or possible and know we do - we want it back!! TM made a HUGE difference to our businesses!! Paul Oliver, Optimise Direct Ltd.
17. David Elmes

I joined Traffic Monsoon around August of 2015 after hearing about its wide ranging traffic and the ability to access more leads.....being an internet marketer.....more leads is totally necessary to build your business these days and i use many platforms besides TM to do this.....Traffic Monsoon performed fantastically bringing me in many leads for my other opportunities........I look forward to being able to access this opportunity again soon......
18. Nakibur Rahman

Trafficmonsoon is the best site I have experienced in terms of advertising results compared to any other traffic exchange sites online.
19. Roberto Marini

Hi my name is roberto marini and im an HAPPY AND SATISFIED Trafficmonsoon costumer from the early days of july 2015. I have get a lot of visitors (all tracked trough my marketins system and ad tracking feature!!) to my website (which were i promote my businesses, my real source of income) and i have generated minimum the 30% of my email list trough the trafficmonsoon cash link services, the ad pack services and the massive traffic services! I have been able to create a real following here in italy, my country, thanks to trafficmonsoon, because the services was (and i say was because the site has been temporarly restricted for no sense in my opinion if not for just make people get confused about the legit nature of this business!) very affordable for every network marketer in need to advertise his/her business in multiple ways, and the affiliate program was a good way for even earn some money to being able to buy more advertising services without out of pocket expenses or even generate and income for living in a decent way (i think 500-1000$ a month are a good way to increase the wellness of a person in his lifestyle) or even being able to really change and transform his/her life. What i want to say in that testimonial is that im very satisfied with my PURCHASES inside the site, and that they have converted even very well for me and my team as well! Plus i want to clarify i have not invested anything, and that i wasnt guaranteed of any return at all, i have just been rewarded for my effort on promoting the use of the services to my network marketing team, and for exchange traffic inside the platform surfing ads of others member (and to be honest i have even joined other businesses thanks to the advertisments shared from other members while i was surfing!!!) with a revenue that was shared after that the company was able to share it because of effective sales mades from the services sold to members / advertisers, plus i got rewarded for clicking on cash links after have looked into an advertisment space PURCHASED by another member. I have been able to create something that i wasnt even immaginating was possible to create trough trafficmonsoon, and is create a strong team with good porpouse and work ethic!
20. Nyddia Del Carmen Mesa Oviedo

Good afternoon tm'm from Venezuela and I am giving my personal testimony of this wonderful company for which I have a year of hard work with my team, with my referral watching our payments for advertising daily, and receiving our payments on time without any scam do not know to how I affect me and my team this situation since tm is a strong and solid company is not just that we do this because our money is there why we work daily if tm help me? ???? clear to anyone knows the situation goes my country I am a mother could pay bills and cover it with this wonderful company that if you could improve my situation if we hope to leave soon ....... this Charles are the best we always give the we have to face day and help us just ask you to god this situation improves we are with you today tomorrow and forever and we want to deliver our money that I was retained by paypal, you greetings are always up tm.
21. Md Sharif Uddin

I know about the TM from my friend and encouraged by him to do this online business. When I hear About TM, I was an unemployed person, I have little money that I earned by teaching privately. At first, I bought 5 pack, and gradually I bought 11 pack, but suddenly balance are held and I feel disappointed because my little money has gone astray. When I started this business, I expected that I can earn something in this way but now nothing. Actually, this business system is good, only one laptop and some, could start this online business, but it's now holding my balance, so feel sorrow.
22. Yaw Mensah

Traffic Monsoon has given me hope to earn income online. I have learn a lot and improve my knowledge of making money online through advertising. Now the sky is the limit. On Traffic Monsoon, you can reach the World with your product and can custom target demographic group at any corner of the World. Advertising on Traffic Monsoon is cost effective and simple to reach targeted traffic anywhere you choose to advertise your product. I have helped my daughter, my niece, my cousin and my friend's daughter to duplicate my effort. If Traffic Monsoon is a Ponzi, will I get only my relatives to join me? All of them have been happy until the SEC decided to shut us down. It is unfortunate but the SEC is wrong.
23. Kursi Baba

Traffic Monsoon has been a source income for general people, easy to set up, it is a proper online registered ltd business, highly reliable that I & my colleague have experienced, while TM was fully functional. Highly beneficial for retired people.
24. Choto Chakma

I have become an active member of TM almost 8 months ago. First I was very skeptical and thought that it was just like any other Revshare program. I was just building my business with few active members then unfortunately the Paypal and SEC drama has ruined my business. Its a real business which has started to change my financial situation and showed me the light of financial freedom SEC.!! TM is not an investment nor a Ponzi scam..its a real and genuine business. I want my favorite TM back.
25. Rabii zerrari

TM forever!
26. Stéphane Audet

Hello everyone, I know very well that TM can change my life and it must be done now.
27. Keeno Abrigo

TrafficMonsoon is just the biggest advertising platform that I joined. Firstly, I understood the business. I agreed the terms and condition and I DID NOT invest, I was educated that I was buying advertisement service. I had a blog that gets views with the help of trafficmonsoon. Now I had to stop the blog from running because it was only getting few views and the leads were too low. In addition to that, the income that I get from this business helps me to let go of my part time job and focus more on my studies. Being a university student is not really easy, you have to think about your finances of how you can eat in a day and also focus on your studies at the same time. Now trafficmonsoon is on hold, I am slowly dying and that is why this business is the best online as it changed how I lived before when it was still running and also it changed a lot of peoples lives.
28. Myriam CASTELAIN

Hello, I enrolled in TrafficMonsoon since January 2016. I have always been very happy, no bug, no various problems. Except, except ... that Primo; First Paypal has blocked this company and Deusio; it is the SEC that has taken precedence; So I could not move as I wanted. But I still wish for it is "my business also" and I want to develop as many other people have done and they took satisfaction !!! Mr. Scoville is an honest, decent, and that we have more than confidence, which is a rarity these days. He always followed us, never left us in the dark !!! We knew that input 1 / TrafficMonsoon has never been an investment or that it is a refundable and guaranteed business. I have been informed from my enrollment in TrafficMonsoon of these clauses can be seen on our dasboard in the FAQ. !!! VISIT OUR COMPANY WE, AS WAS AT THE BEGINNING; WE HAVE NEED, WE LOVE AS WE LOVE MR SCOVILLE !!! Thank you. Myriam CASTELAIN
29. Monique Rippoz

Hello, my name is Monique Rippoz, I am French, since November 2014 Traffic Monsoon. I never made an investment and I knew that the return was not guaranteed, because I am an adult, I have read the terms and conditions and checked the boxes "please Note: a purchase of advertising services with us is not regarded a deposit nor investment "and also checked each time I made a purchase, and I also knew that my purchases were not refundable. I understood very well how TM worked. And everyone was aware at the time of registration. I bought cash links everyday and services I have had thousands of visitors with amazing conversion rate of active members who allowed me to boost my other 2 cases. TM number 1 traffic exchanges for its quality and results. I have always been fully satisfied with Traffic Monsoon to all points of view. Charles Scoville is an honest man and that incorporates proven it to us over and over again.
30. Ian Downs

I have used many of the services to send traffic to other interests and business I have, the source is first class with first class results, I have also earned commissions from recommending friends, I know 100% that this is NOT a PONZI or PYRAMID or INVESTMENT that is the reason I recommended it and wish the SEC stop trying to harm this business, I am happy and my friends are happy and we love this business, it has had a great impact on my life and it MUST continue, I was positive during the PayPal fiasco and remain so, so I can only hope the SEC do the right thing and lay off hurting peoples income and business.
31. Gerry Cousins

Traffic Monsoon offers the best value traffic on the net. Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Traffic Monsoon can help.
32. Anthony Causey

I have received great advertising from the adpacks that I have purchased. TM also shared revenue which I think is a blessing from my adpacks. I did not ever think of TM as an investment. TM has stated in there terms and conditions policy that this is not an investment. The revenue I earned from TM always paid on time.
33. Leanne Curran

I joined Traffic Monsoon in late August 2015. I joined to advertise the other online businesses I have, the revenue share was an added bonus. Through the revenue share alone I was able to leave my 9-5 and work from home which was a great help when I have a young child at home. I am NOT an investor. As it clearly states on the TM site, the purchases should NOT be considered an investment NOR deposit. It's there in black and white, we are NOT investors.
34. Delmon Julie

I am a mother at home. Trafficmonsoon changed my life because my income is very difficult. I uncovered every month .. TM has allowed me to eat a little better and to have credit for months !!!!! Please visit us TM, with TM I lived, since TM is blocked I survive again .. I'm doing more financially. TRAFFICMONSOON is not an investment !!!! Meet us our business, I need to live and eat TM !!!! My life had changed radically and it was getting better and better .. since I stopped TM back into a money pit !!! Charles Scoville is an honest man, he never has cheated us or lied! It is clear to us, we know what we do, nothing is guaranteed we all know! But after nine months I'm in trouble financially I need return .. TM TM changed my life in positive !!
35. Furqan Ullah Khan

I joined Traffic Monsoon in December 2015. I am also member of Neobux and clixsence since January 2014. But the income was too much slow from these two sites. But when i joined TM in Dec 2015, believe me with in few after purchasing add packs I got my income increased as compare to Neobux and clixsence. Not increased also got to many for referrals for neobux and clixsence from Traffic Monsoon. I am enjoying my life and very happy but when SEC take over the control of Traffic Monsoon. Every thing is gone to ZERO. I miss TM and pray for TM that one day TM will come back with it original shape
36. Bottalico Alain

Meeting with Mr. Charles Scoville on Facebook How many CEOs take his valuable time to personally answer a member? 25 mai 2015 Alain Bottalico 25/05/2015 08:59 Alain Bottalico hello sir Scoville , unfortunately, I can not download Google Chrome with my i -pad , using safari. I'll go meet Apple unwinding of platform . I wanted to express my respect for your business, and especially for you. This is since 1990 that I developed MLM and I just started to get the tip of my nose ... the saying " nobody is prophet in his own country " ..I know , I ate it ! With cases such as yours. (They are not many like that , ) you help us to take a place in the economy and in our society ! thank you Charles !! 2 juin 2015 Charles Scoville 02/06/2015 01:51 Charles Scoville Sorry - I haven't been on facebook the last few days. TM is growing larger and larger and is becoming humanly impossible for me to speak with everyone, and answer everyone, so that's why I have people helping me in support. I've been working hard to resolve the problem you were having, and I think it's ok now. Thank you for the warm words, and encouragement. :)

I am a proud Traffic Monsoon affiliate, it is one of the best online business I have had the pleasure of being involved with. I was receiving so much more traffic to my sites from the advertising that I purchased on the Traffic Monsoon website. Since Paypal froze the funds and then the SEC basically closed down Traffic Monsoon, my online business traffic has just about completely stopped and once this stopped so did the money I was making from my online businesses. I DIDN'T join Traffic Monsoon as an Investor but for the advertising packages and online traffic that I received from the advertising that I purchased. Please dismiss this case ASAP and let us get back to promoting our businesses. Thank you.
38. Laurents Dhaene

Traffic Monsoon LLC is not an investment, i bought advertising services and was happy with my buy... Why traffic monsoon? Great CEO, support team, bussines model.... Give back our busines, we need it power to the people!! Traffic Monsoon always delivered what was said!! With respect and deepest appreciation Traffic Monsoon <3 Kind regards Laurentd Dhaene Proud member of Traffic Monsoon LLC
39. Sylvie Lenoir

As a trafficmonsoon member, I never considered it as an investment, but the way to promote my other business and find good opportunities. TM is a chance for a lot of people in the world to develop their business and earn money and I give all my support o Charles Scoville.
40. Elizabeth Singholka

I am quite pleased with Trafficmonsoon. They have treated me fairly and honestly.
41. Peter Fransson

I've got traffic to my websites, create interest in what I'm doing. I have also gained new business contacts via the site which will be good for the future. I also plan to market a blog in the future and where will the Traffic Monsoon to play a greater role with the large amount of traffic to get there.
42. kamel ghazouni

First of all we trust Charles Scoville without a doubt further more Traffic Mansoon is a new horizon for us to change for a better life . Thank you Charles Thank you TM
43. Karen Edwards

I joined Traffic Monsoon in June 2015 after doing my research and realized this was an excellent platform to advertise my other opportunities and so my journey began. I spent months building it and was so happy and excited that I shared it with others , who where equally excited . As a single working mum , as many people are , it is hard to be able to afford extra things for your child and you do get upset having to say no all the time ( especially when their friends are getting bought all the new gear, games ect) simply because I couldn't afford to :( counting the pennies all the time. I worked hard and built my TM business to the stage where I was able to earn an income , so Christmas 2015 I was so happy that this time I could afford to buy my child those named tracksuits, trainers, games and a brand new bike :) THEN Paypal froze all the members money !! so i just started to build it again, and then just as they where releasing "Our" funds the SEC jumped on board and froze everything again , and not just happy with that they shut our website down too!! So I am back to " COUNTING THOSE PENNIES " again, thanks to Paypal and the SEC, They have taken away my dreams my business's and my hopes for a brighter future, they don't seem to care what they have done to many of the members lives , crushing our dreams simply because they don't understand how Traffic Monsoon works. In my heart I know the judge will do the right thing and give Charles and all the members of Traffic Monsoon back their business.
44. Sambhunath Samantaroy

Purchase of ad packs are not an investment. When ever I purchase ad packs I got ad credits through which I got traffic to my web sites. If some body says this is an investment, yes I got the returns in terms of traffics to my websites along with a profits share from the global Ad service provider company ( The trafficmonsoon ltd). So why is the question of ponzi or any type of scam against TM and Mr. Scoviley. As per my concern TM, the world class Advertising Platform must be back in track.
45. Shree Bhagwan

Traffic Monsoon is real advertising business and it should be back like there are so many in industry. I got a lot of help from Traffic Monsoon. I got sales using Traffic of Traffic Monsoon in my affiliate offers like Click Bank and Cash Network LCC a utah based company. Please Traffic Monsoon should be back.
46. Maria Manuela De Sousa Pinto

I am been damage ,all my business online are suffering because i can,t use Tm.TM delivery thousands views to my business.From tm i only need traffic,never expect or promise from the owner any return ,just quality traffic.
47. Pascale Antonio

Trafficmonsoon has changed my life thanks to the traffic it generated for my business.
48. Keith Thorne

I have found Charles Scoville to be totally honest and transparent. I bought ad packs, cashlinks and massive traffic..... Great results with over 130 Payza referrals. Best advertising services Ive found on the net.
49. F. Santo

Myself as well thousand of people around the world miss TM platform because our business lost such a big visibily on internet, so leads. My primary way of income was shut down. My businesses just stopped and I hope to get it back. Haters are everywhere, we know that. Always ready to break real dreams. TM is a real and amazing way to advertise any online biz. Please, allow us to work ethically as we where doing few years already. TM platform is all what a web marketer need to succeed.
50. rajasekaran

Hi , I am Rajasekaran, Already I have done lot of presentations those are most successful of business hope my thoughts and my works will leads your business.As a full time freelancer, I have earned good reputation and a lot of positive feedback from our clients over the years.
51. Tim Barrett

When I was first introduced to Traffic Monsoon I didn’t understand how the business worked and whether it was legit or not. I signed up for free initially and took some time to gain a full understanding of how Traffic Monsoon worked before becoming fully engaged, purchasing advertising and clicking ads daily to earn a rebate on the adpacks I’d bought. I was totally aware and fully understood I was buying an advertising service and not participating in any form of investment. Apart from it being made crystal clear to me in the Terms and Conditions I agreed to that Traffic Monsoon did not offer any kind of investment it was pointed out to me and made a condition of every single purchase I made. The reason I joined Traffic Monsoon and then embraced it fully was because it generated traffic to my company website whilst at the same time providing an income stream through the adpack rebate, some of which I could then use to promote and grow my business in other areas. Traffic Monsoon has had a massively positive effect on my life. It gave me an income which we sorely needed and I started to build a team of affiliates with whom I was having daily contact and discussions around helping them grow their own business. I would highly recommend Traffic Monsoon to anyone.
52. Hwa-yeon Han

I want to TM business. I love TM!
53. Christin

I have joined Traffic Monsoon during October 2015. I have been searching for a company that I can use to advertise my online marketing affiliate links. Most of the advertising companies out there just take your money and never send you real visitors to your websites. I was desperate for a good advertiser until I was told about Traffic Monsoon.

I started receiving real traffic to my websites hours after signing up to Traffic Monsoon having my account all set up. Their prices are also way more competitive that other advertisers ex Google that is doing the same thing. I got so much traffic and so many new sign-ups to my other websites and all of the was real traffic. I even made a small commission for inviting new members that have all had the same results as I have.

After Paypal froze the funds of Traffic Monsoon earlier this year and TM could not deliver all the traffic any more, my online business took a great knock, but after the SEC it is virtually at a stand still because I am not getting good constant traffic to my websites any more. Paypal and the SEC really screwed my business over.
54. Patrick Imhof

I love Traffic Monsoon. Its the best system to generate a good traffic for my business. A big communitiy with heart. I miss id so please give us TM back.
55. Luka Ravlić

Trafficmonsoon advertising was far best traffic source for my other online affiliate marketing business. I've got 17 sing ups in few months, and four signups from other traffic sources that cost me more money and time. I could not believe how effective TM traffic is. It made me better marketer. Lather i started to advertise other affiliate marketings as well. I bought addpacks, massive traffic, cashlinks. Trafficmonsoon is genius platform and trafficexchange for online and offline marketing i just can" t compare it with other sources. TM is far the best for me! Luka Ravlić from Slovenia

I joined TrafficMonsoon in September last year and started buying advertising and adpacks in October to get leads for my business. this was after reading a lot of reviews and testimonials about Trafficmonsoon. I started slow but soon my business started to grow so I started to buy a lot of advertising plus I was getting revenue sharing so it was a bonus for me. My sales were growing with the advertising but nowhere in the site was written that there were any guaranteed returns and I was not counting on the revenue sharing. I joined trafficmonsoon strictly for buying advertising and my business was doing pretty well. but since this paypal and SEC issues my business is really suffering. Trafficmonsoon was the best advertising platform one can think about and I want it back on track ASAP.

Hi I am Vijay kumar reddy From Hyderabad,INDIA.I am Very Happy With Trafficmonsoon Company .And my Total family Runs only Trafficmonsoon payouts. Now I am Facing lot of problems. We or Not Investors Or We or not Ponzi .So please considered our request And Drop your case. Thanking u S.Vijay kumar reddy Hyderabad
58. Ronnie Reamer

Traffic Monsoon is best online business I've ever been involved in!!!
59. Ashfaq Hussain

I am an Indian living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am aged 60+. I am on my own few small businesses but I was just thriving hand to mouth only and started feeling dejected. Then I found TRAFFIC MONSOON. I have gone through its TERMS & CONDITIONS fully and discussed few things directly with Charles through FB messaging service. Then I got fully convinced that my remaining part of my life I can live with my own earning without depending on others and started this TM BUSINESS with around 100 USD and increased it with another 400 USD. I never with drawn a single penny. What ever I earned I re-invested. When I was planning to start a small with drawal, this HEAD LESS SEC people gave a big blow to me. But I didn't loose my interest in TM and still keeping my hope on TM that my remaining part of life, I will live with my own earnings and prestige. I have full faith in this business.
60. Robin Reimers

My son is a firefighter in Orlando Florida and because of this business he was able to save money for his wedding before sec took it over.
61. Lindsey Tanner-Elwell

When I was first told about TM I have to admit I was skeptical and unsure whether is was either a waste of time of too good to be true. I had other online business and was seriously looking for an advertising medium. I cautiously gave it a go initially. I was very surprised at the power and popularity of TM and how far it reached. I became my number one go to advertiser. I could see well known blue chip companies and businesses were using the TM platform. It is no fluff no nonsense ad opportunity and says what it does. More over it deliver. When it restarts I have no hesitation in carrying on where I left off. I have been bereft without TM and the growth of my businesses has suffered.
62. Muhammed Abdul Munem
Traffic Monsoon has helped expand my business to whole new platform. The business field that I am in is Accounting. It has helped my business reach different types of organisations and most importantly bring in customers. The advertisement did help my business increase dramatically. Traffic monsoon has an excellent advertising platform for local business like mine share the same platform with other big named brand.
63. Deborah A. Zecchino

This writing shall serve as my testimonial for the ongoing court case against Trafficmonsoon by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). I am a retired widow confined at home caring for an elderly relative. I retired two years ago and have been searching for the opportunity to work from home with little to no success.

I came across Trafficmonsoon among numerous other websites and opened an account with Trafficmonsoon. I actually remained inactive for some time before purchasing advertising services. After doing due diligence and research on this business, I decided to purchase advertising. I had absolutely no experience with online marketing and needed to start slowly. I set up my banners for my business, purchased advertising and did the required tasks in order to participate in the revenue sharing component of the business. I did this for a few months, and it was starting to build up slowly. It was not much income but enough to supplement my social security, and it became a real work from home income. I actually enjoyed it, and the more I learned about Charles Scoville, it became apparent to me that only someone like him could create such a business for the average person that actually worked. He is truly one of the most transparent people I have ever come across, a very sincere and honest person, not at all ostentatious.

As I stated above, I was not earning much, but at least I was starting to earn slowly. I was happy Then Paypal froze Trafficmonsoon accounts, and the SEC filed a lawsuit. This is totally unjust period. There is more than enough money to pay all of Trafficmonsoon members. This is not an investment. This is not a ponzi. A ponzi steals money from its members. Trafficmonsoon has never stolen a penny. It has the money to pay its members with a surplus.

Request is hereby made to the Honorable Jill N. Parish that when the day arrives for the decision, and I hope with all sincerity, that TM gets returned to all of us. Sincerely, Deborah A. Zecchino
64. Majid Majeed Khokhar

Traffic monsoon is such A great business Traffic monsoon every product are excellent at reasonable price I'm proud member of Traffic monsoon since i join Traffic monsoon change my life so I love so much Traffic Monsoon + Charles Scoville.
65. Saiful Alam Arif

Traffic Monsoon was the life changing opportunity for not only me but also for my team members also (Before PAYPAL and SEC issue), logically i really convinced that TM is an advertising platform, owned by very trusted Admin (Mr.Charles). Believe TM will come back soon and will be most important part of my daily life for forever...long Live TM.....Long Live Charles....
66. Doris Josefine Matthesius

When I started with TrafficMonsoon I very well knew that it is not an investment but an advertising opportunity which I used to promote my Banners and my websites, including a Non-Profit-Projetct, a school for poor children here in the Dominican Republic. I´m missing TM since I´m loosing money and I hope we get it back soon!!! (sorry for any mistakes, english is not my mother language)
67. David Morrison Phd

Dr Morrison I came on board with Traffic Monsoon through a friend of mine from my local church. The whole reason for joining was basically to advertise my business, hence I received quite a lot of traffic through TM. I absolutely loved the business I introduced quite a number of business friends who also used it for the same purpose. I am confident the TM will be restored again like before providing the excellent service like they have always been providing. Thank you very much for changing many lives.
68. Kutucha l Crouch

I had been looking for a way to advertise my Avon and Xango businesses when a friend had shared with me I could purchase ad packs to advertise my businesses on and if i would be interested in surfing to look at other individuals business ads, i can get paid to do so and this could allow me to keep advertising my ads...i thought, what a great idea, and on top of that my friend shared with me that if I shared with anyone else that wanted to do the same i would recieve a finders fee...I loved the concept, and signed up immediately. I started sharing with others. Even if a person didnt have a business, TM paid people to surf ads. It was the first real business I have felt comfortable sharing with others. I had gotten responses from people checking out my ads and i even responded on ads I had surfed. I knew it was a numbers game, but to me my odds were better than paying and putting my ads in a regular newspaper. Everything was going great til Paypal got their feelings hurt, because Charles was trying to find a better and less expenses. So sad to not have TM.
69. Dilli Babu Poola

Traffic Monsoon is awesome program, which had helped me personally and my friends too had benefited lot. My friends and myself had purchased services to promote our business in traffic exchange and we had huge traffic with TM in which they had promoted in traffic world and everyone got benefited including me in earning decent money with the sales . More sales was happened with clickbank products and commission was shared to us based on the sales happened. It is awesome program where it had helped many people in my circle and they had benefited with TM services and all are applausing it, Big kudo's to Charles Scoville who had great thought to start and it had helped thousands of people in my known circle.
70. Omar Rajah

I can say that Traffic Monsoon really changed my life. The traffic I was purchasing made me sales in my other online opportunity as well as giving me a lot more visitors to a website I run for a offline business which is a banqueting hall and due to this I had many phone calls and made many sales of the venue for hire. This was all due to the traffic I bought from traffic Monsoon. The services I purchased where ad packs as well as most of the other traffic services provided by traffic Monsoon like cash links and massive traffic. I can also confirm that the purchases I made including ad packs where purchases I made for traffic and was not a investment and also no money was garenteed to be given back to me. Yes I was rewarded for surfing the adds but this was also no garenteed. If I had not received any rewards I can confirm I still would have purchased the traffic. Please take this as my testimonial that I purchased traffic from Traffic Monsoon and I was not a investor as Traffic Monsoon does not provide a investment opportunity.
71. Adam Murry

I found Traffic Monsoon while I was promoting a business called Auto Recruiting Platform. A colleague in that business was making sales day after day week after week. I was not making sales and decided to contact that person to find out how he was making those sales. He introduced me to Traffic Monsoon and I realized right away the value in a $50 ad pack. I could get 1000 views of my ARP business +20 banner ads. I started out I believe with 2 add packs and started getting results immediately. I then joined another business called the Power Lead System and another one called the Yellow Brick Road. I kept buying more advertising more add packs so that I could promote my businesses more and more. It was working great until the thing with PayPal and now this with the SEC. Traffic Monsoon was a resource I used Daly, also I should mention that after I started using Traffic Monsoon that was how I found the Power Lead System and the Yellow Brick Road by watching adds on TM exchange. I read all the terms and conditions that Traffic Monsoon provided and knew I was buying advertising for my business or businesses and new there was no guaranteed return on my add purchases. I researched the company and others like it before I bought advertising from Traffic Monsoon. Since the SEC has intervened on my behalf "apparently" my business has suffered immensely. The reason being is that for me to generate the kind of traffic that I was able to generate with Traffic Monsoon it's almost 3 times as expensive so I cannot afford to advertise as much as I was. Not to mention all the advertising that has been frozen from me by the SEC. The advertising that I bought from Traffic Monsoon that they were delivering fine has now been frozen by the SEC and has not benefited me at all by them doing what there doing. My advertising dollars are tied up in court doing none of us any good. Bottom line Traffic Monsoon has been a great asset to my businesses. In closing I would say that the SEC has hurt so many people's businesses including mine and I believe the SEC has filed this suit recklessly referring to myself and others as investors. Anyone that ever bought an add pack knew they were buying advertising and that there were no guarantees of anything. Here's something else I would like to say, so many times while surfing the traffic exchange I would find myself on other sites for sometimes 30 to 40 minutes and that was the whole idea behind Traffic Monsoon. It worked!
72. Paulo Henrique Abreu Silva

I am a member of Trafficmonsoon since January 20, 2015 Username: phasilva All packages I bought were to promote my other businesses that I do, because each package offers a number of credits for that. I am fully aware that I have not done any kind of investment and so to be able to receive the share gains, I know I need to keep myself qualified and never fail to make the daily tasks. My purchased credits were not delivered because the SEC has prevented and I know the TM always gave me all the credits correctly so far. With this action the SEC against TM my results in another Business simply stopped growing I have had the TM as my main source of income since September 2015 and with all that is happening, I am unable to even pay my bills. I read and understand all the term and conditions before making my register, for so I am fully aware that this is not any kind of investment, but buying advertising packages to promote other businesses.
73. Agnieszka Pielaszek-Hunter

I have joined Taffic Monsoon as a way to advertise my business and get views on my webpages. Never was I told it was an investment or was promised revenue sharing. I understood it would be shared if there was anything to share. First PayPal, now SEC are making lives of a lot of people difficult. Since then I had to look for other places to advertise.
74. Umrbek

TM is the great online business I ever met and I really wants to get back the TM in our life again!
75. Lynette Dixon

I have been a member with Traffic Monsoon since April 2015 and together with my team from here in New Zealand, we had found that the program could help anyone, we were having success stories coming from our team how members have learnt through the program how to advertise their other online businesses also it helped others grow their online knowledge that they were previously unaware of. I was witnessing the changing of members lives personally & financially from a member on a sickness benefit now understanding online advertising and earning an income online to a 74 year old enjoying the same experience. Our lives had changed thanks to Traffic Monsoon and we have had our success stalled and financially hindered with no longer having access to the website.
76. joel jacinto pandacan

77. Sazia Afrin

I started Traffic Monsoon on 8th November in 2015 and it was not too easy to get referral for your online business. Through TM I was able to get enough referrals for my business and also was able to build my career here in online. TM is not and never was an investment company. It is a damn good advertising company which is capable of generating traffic for most of the online businesses. We, all members of TM are eagerly waiting to get back our businesses. Please help us and the honest owner of TM, Charles Scoville.
78. Paola Bortolotti

I was use Tm website to advertising many of my online business and my blog. I think that Tm was one of the best advertising website in the web and I really hope to see it online again. ❤
79. Silvana Rubino

I was use Tm to grow my website traffic with great succes and satisfaction. I love Tm and I hope I will use it again and soon as possible!
80. Anica Celic

In TrafficMonsoon I came in January 2015 and since then is my business raised to a higher scale, the best traffic program for all time, I was able to earn a living. Give us back our business TM and Charles Scoville as a free man who all made the abuse possible a better life. We were like one family, communicate with other members from around the world, the language was not a problem (translate), followed all the encounters with Charles in various parts of the world and grow together with TrafficMonsoonom. I want only one thing: Come back to us as soon as possible TrafficMonsoon To continue operating for a better life Long live TM
81. Sasha Simikj

Traffic monsoon is an advertising site with a system in place to reward compensation from sales of service for referring customers and clicking ads. It's not an investment site. Traffic monsoon help to my bussines allot. Please give as back our web site.
82. Abdulkadir Hussein

When trafficmonsoon was still working it were financially much better than without Trafficmonsoon. So I do not understand why SEC say they want to protect us. This is not a protection but simply fraud what they have done with us. SEC knows very well that we want all Trafficmonsoon back, but no they want to destroy the lives of millions of members and fill their bags of money which does not belong to them. I hope the judges will see the truth and make a correct decision.
83. Abdus Salam Sookia

I joined Traffic Monsoon in 2014 after attending a presentation in Harrow, United Kingdom. I started with a modest amount which I later increased. Right from the start, I understood this to be an advertising business to get traffic to my site. I am an online retailer and this benefits my business. I never expected a fixed return for the money I spent in buying advertising. I always understood that all the income would be a share of the profit that the business makes from selling advertising. It was clear that the money I was spending was for traffic, was not an investment that was refundable. Through me, my son, my wife, my sister, my uncle, cousin, nephew and niece joined. We all enjoyed seeing the income on a daily basis. I cannot imagine why this business is being investigated when it has been doing exactly what it set out to do. I wish for a swift resolution so that we can have our business back and start getting traffic to my site and start earning a share of company profits once again. As thing stand I have paid a lot of money to get traffic to my site. As a result of the SEC action, I am losing traffic and therefore potential buyers of my products. This is not fair.
84. Bratislav Misic

There are no words to explain what impact TM made on my life during last year, it's great service helped me develop couple of more projects beside, even today am so proud to talk about TM. That kind of service can't be repeated, even though many tried. Beyond all, it's not about service, nor any money, people I met in TM are priceless, with Charles ahead. Thank you all for being part of my life.
85. Maja David

TM is very safe and legal. It's not easy to understand it, but the ruls are the same and after depozit we don't need a lot of time every day for it. I'm very glad to do, because it's easy, when we understand the rols. I'm proud of our director. He is a string and fair man. I'm proud for Branko Pohovski, who told me a lot of his work with TM. He is a good man, too. I'm a student and haven't got a lot of time. TM understand our lives. Meny and meny peoples hasn't enough time and money for normal live. TM help all of us, members. Thank you, very much!!!

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